Man arrested for alleged manslaughter of Adam Johnson

Man arrested for alleged manslaughter of Adam Johnson
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A man has been arrested as a suspect in the involuntary manslaughter of hockey player Adam Johnson, who died after a cut to the neck during a game. The Nottingham Panthers player suffered an untimely accident with another player's blade in a match against Sheffield Steelers on October 28. Johnson was taken to hospital, where he was confirmed dead from a "fatal neck injury."

The cut on his throat was given to him by Matt Petgrave, who was cheered by more than 8,000 people last weekend at Sheffield Steelers' match against Coventry City. First, a minute of silence was observed in memory of Johson and later Petgrave was supported with an ovation.

The identity of the detainee: an open secret

South Yorkshire Police announced this Tuesday that they have arrested a suspect in Johnson's death and that the subject will be kept in police custody. It has not been confirmed whether the detainee is Matt Petgrave, whose skate hit Johnson, and the police hope that this whole case does not give rise to "comments and speculation that could hinder" the police investigation.

In recent weeks, the intention of the kick has been questioned and the debate has also been opened as to whether hockey players, for safety reasons, should wear some type of protection around their necks to try to avoid this type of accident.

Tribute at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham in memory of Adam Johnson


Detective Becs Horsfall, in charge of the investigation, assured that they have carried out long and meticulous investigations during these days to give shape to the "events that led to Adam's death in these unprecedented circumstances."

"We have spoken to highly specialized experts in this field to assist us in our investigation and continue to work with Sheffield City Council's health and safety department. The death of Adam Johnson has left many people in shock, from local residents in Sheffield to hockey fans from all over the world," the detective said.

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