Maluma wants to get into Hollywood hard after his debut in ‘Marry Me’ with Jennifer Lopez

Maluma and Jennifer Lopez together on the big screen.

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

After touring the world with his music, the Colombian Maluma is ready to conquer Hollywood: his first film, “Marry Me”, comes from the hand of Jennifer Lopezalthough he makes it clear that it is only the beginning of his acting career.

My dream is to get hard in Hollywood, it’s the right time“, assured the singer about his recently released interpretive facet in an interview with Efe in which he admitted that he would like to end many stereotypes and be, for example, “the first latin batman“.

“Marry Me” premieres this Friday (and on the Peacock platform in the US), on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

In it, López and Maluma give life to Kat and Bastian, a successful couple of singers who break up their relationship hours before getting married in front of thousands of followers and after having released a song about the long-awaited link.

After her breakup, the singer suddenly marries one of her followers -played by Owen Wilson-, whom she doesn’t know at all.

It has been a very good start, I can not lower it“, The singer acknowledged about his debut accompanied by Wilson and López.

Maluma, who took acting classes during his last tour, admitted that he experienced some uncomfortable moments during filming because “the way of working in Hollywood is totally different from that of the music industry“.


He thus remembers that in the first scene he shot he had not yet met Owen Wilson and he had to yell “a lot of rudeness” in his face.

“And when the scene ended I apologized and told him that this was not Maluma. He came over, gave me a hug and said that everything was fine, that it was obviously part of the performance and that he liked how he had done the first scene, ”he explained.

Even so, Maluma took the opportunity to make it clear that although he plays a world star in the film, his personality in real life is not so similar to that of his Bastian.

“He’s a bit of a douchebag and he makes mistakes that are on another level. I’m not saying I’m a perfect man,” he joked.

While the Colombian got used to separating his character from real life, he had the help of López, who dominates the worlds of music and cinema and, in addition, had collaborated with Maluma on songs like “Lonely” and “Pa Ti” , the latter included in the film’s soundtrack.

In fact, before the pandemic, a group of lucky people witnessed the recording of one of the scenes during a Maluma concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, to which J.Lo climbed in a surprise appearance.

“No one was expecting it, we started singing and it was a very nice moment because not everyone has the fortune to do a concert and at the same time be filming a movie,” he recalled.


Regarding his future in Hollywood, the singer is clear that he wants to try the action genre. And he aims high.

“I would like to break that stereotype and be the first Latino ‘Batman,’ or I don’t know, ‘James Bond,'” he assured. I could take my career to another level and represent our culture.”

Although at the moment, Maluma has many plans ahead. In a few weeks, he will resume his tour “Papi Juancho Maluma World Tour”, through Europe and Latin America, which will last until the summer and with a very special stop in his hometown, Medellín, where on April 30 he hopes to sing before more than 40 thousand spectators.

In addition, he has just launched collaborations with Versace and has designed an exclusive bottle for the cognac brand Hennesy, inspired by its origins.

“I worked a lot last year and February was the right month to let all the projects run,” he concluded.

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