Mallorca ended the season with a win and Javier Aguirre revealed that his team "has been above expectations"

Javier Aguirre on the bench for Mallorca of Spain's LaLiga Santander.

Photo: Rafa Babot/Getty Images

The Mexican Javier Aguirre, coach of Mallorca, said goodbye to the current season with a resounding victory (3-0) against Rayo Vallecano at the Son Moix stadium. Later, the Aztec coach revealed that his team “he has been above expectations” by closing the season in ninth position with 50 points.

“It has been the most comfortable victory, although with the 1-0 I would also have been satisfied; It went well and I'm happy." Aguirre said at a press conference after his team's victory against Rayo.

“Right now it is important to talk about the commitment of the players. To defend as we have done, humility is needed. It is true that everyone wants to play nice and attack, but when we arrived (with their coaching staff) we decided that the best thing was to close the door, and even so, we have scored many goals (37 in the entire season). We were above expectations, and I always say that there is no coach without players"he added.

The "Vasco", who renewed with the Balearic club until June 30, 2024, admitted that the board is drawing up a list of high and low -“a question that I do not get involved in”, he emphasized- and that, rRepeat or improve a season like this one, "it depends on many things".

“It depends on the team that is formed, of the ups and downs, have a good preseason, respect your injuries. I don't like to throw the bells on the fly, I am cautious because I think it is the most sensible thing to do”, remarked the 'Basque'.

Also, when asked what was your opinion about the support of the public of Son Moix that chanted his name againanswered: "They are things that make you think that you are in the right place; If they love you, you don't have to leave."

Aguirre also had words of support for the former Majorcan goalkeeper Sergio Rico, admitted to hospital after suffering a serious accident in Huelva.

All my prayers are for his recovery. He is having a very bad time and it was a nice gesture from our fans to remember him in the 25th minute of the game”, Javier Aguirre specified before ending his participation in the press conference.

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