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Eight years ago, in the run-up to the electoral contest in the United States, I was one of those brainy people who assured—at first—that it would be impossible for an eccentric bully like donald trump could even caress the Republican candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Months later and upon confirming the mediocrity and lack of charisma of Hillary ClintonI was one of the first to assure that trump would be the president.

Today, without fear of being wrong, I know that donald trump will sweep the United States elections in 2024; He will return to the presidency with more power, more anger and more hate speech. He will be again rockstar who puts international politics in check with his rantings. And, probably, one of the few in the United States who dares to criticize the criminal acts of Benjamin Netanyahu.

And how could he not win the presidency? trump if his Democratic opponent is in an unacceptable state of decrepitude? Joe Biden He established himself as a weak, lukewarm leader, hit by the pandemic crisis and, lately, with physical and psychological problems typical of his age. Not to mention his campaign partner and current vice president, Kamala Harris, a woman who embodied the dream of millions and today is a shame for feminist struggles. In three years she went from being an icon to becoming a vase (she reminds me a lot of a Secretary of the Interior at the beginning of the current administration).

It does not surprise me that the Democratic Party is not at full speed supporting a candidate capable of competing in the race. The always great Friedrich Nietzsche He said that “there are men who pretend to be good, but in reality their claws don't work,” and I can't find a better description for it. Joe Biden. How is it possible that the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton and Obama be satisfied with Sleepy Joe? Wow, in his ranks was the fantastic Bernie Sanders. What's going on?

And it is that trumpwith all its five legal cases, is leading in the polls one year before the elections. donald trump surpasses Joe Biden in five of the “hinge” states (Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania) in which the Democrat won in the most recent elections. The Republican surpasses by between three and ten points Biden in those states.

Unfortunately, for those who fantasize about seeing donald trump behind bars, we must remind them that the magnate, even if he were found guilty or was in jail, could run for the presidency of his country (there is no legislation in force that prevents him from doing so). To be honest, the lawsuits against him only make him a martyr to his followers and the media exposure he gets is better than any paid publicity.


It is incredible that one of the few leaders who dares to question the massacre in Gaza is the unpresentable Turkish president Erdoğan by assuring that “The West is the main culprit of the massacre.” The silence of the Western powers and the inability of the United Nations in the face of the devastation of which the Palestinian people are victims is criminal.

Martin Luther King He said: “I am not worried about the cry of the violent, the corrupt, the dishonest, the unethical. What does concern me is the silence of the good ones.” I would add: “the kind who are good at it.”

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