Major League Baseball approves Oakland A's move to Las Vegas

Major League Baseball approves Oakland A's move to Las Vegas
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And in the end, the Oakland Athletics will cease to exist to become a franchise in Las Vegas, this after the owners of the Major League teams unanimously approved the franchise's move on Thursday, according to the AP agency, which has learned of two people who were involved in the decision.

Las Vegas has carried out a strong project promising a large investment to have its team in the MLB, starting with a stadium in the famous Strip area, which houses the most important hotels and shows in the town, with an investment of 380 million dollars. financing from the state government.

The situation contrasts with the problems the team has faced in Oakland where the Coliseum no longer offered the conditions that the ninth required, this while the local authorities had not responded to the intentions to build a new park located in the bay.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the league has not announced results. Approval from 75% of the 30 teams was needed to make the change, which commissioner Rob Manfred supported.

However, the movement will not be immediate. The A's still have an agreement until the end of the 2024 campaign and the new stadium will not be ready before 2027, so a halfway house would have to be found for a period of at least two seasons.

The history of the A's in the Major Leagues

Las Vegas will become the fourth city of the franchise that began in Philadelphia between 1901 and 1954, then moved to Kansas City for 13 seasons and arrived in Oakland in 1968.

For the team it will be its fifth stadium after having played at the beginning of the last century and until 1908 at Columbia Park, later at Shibe Park (1909-54), Memorial Stadium (1955-67) and finally at the current Coliseum.

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Since 2005, the league had not had a team move, this when the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals in 2005.

On April 19 the team announced that it had acquired land in Las Vegas, a month later it changed the location and reached an agreement with Bally's and Gaming & Leisure Properties to build a stadium on the site of the Tropicana hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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