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The two main candidates for the Presidency of Paraguay, Efraín Alegre and Santiago Peña, have already cast their vote in the presidential elections that are being held this Sunday.


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Alegre, 60 years old and president of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), nominated by the National Concertation for a New Paraguay, an alliance of 14 opposition parties and organizations, offered a few words before leaving his polling place.

"We must create investment conditions for Paraguay, for that we need justice," he said.

"We have 40,000 citizens who are going to be defending the citizen vote throughout the country," says the presidential candidate for the National Concertation.

Upon arriving at his polling place, in the Association of Officials of the Ministry of Finance, the candidate Efraín Alegre, highlighted that a very good level of citizen participation is being observed throughout the country.

"We are in a great civic party where the citizens are determined to vote, so we are going to have great citizen participation, that is the good news," he said.

Alegre arrived at the polling place accompanied by his duo, the vice-presidential candidate Soledad Núñez, who insisted on inviting the public to come and vote.

For his part, Santiago Peña indicated: "This vote represents the dream and hope. Convinced that Paraguay deserves a better country."

Peña, a 44-year-old former finance minister, is the candidate for the ruling Colorado Party, formally called the National Republican Association (PC-ANR).

"We have full confidence in the work of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, we have a monitoring center that we have already deployed in the inmates and today we are doing it at the national level," Peña commented.

He urged everyone to make that small effort to go to their polling places to exercise their right to choose and thus build together that model country by strengthening democracy.

He said he was very proud of the management of the Electoral Justice. He commented that the Colorado Party is currently deploying more than 70,000 representatives throughout the country.

"It is part of a great party structure that is not built overnight, it is about people with party identity and Republican commitment," he stressed.

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