Magnus and Roarido, to defend the National Couples Championship

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Magnus and Rugido will exhibit this Friday at Arne aMéxico on National Couples Championshipa title of great tradition and value, in a duel against Neon and Futuretwo young people who have been climbing the ladder.

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The rude Roaring said he was motivated to defend this title; They asked for challenges and this time they got it.

The first defense of the belts was made against the members of "La Ola Negra" Akuma and Espanto.

Meanwhile, Magnus He emphasized that his rivals earned the opportunity for that match, but that The Predators They are the couple from Mexico.

Both stressed that the key to success is discipline, but beating them will be difficult because they will give one hundred percent.

Although many might think that everything has been easy, the reality is different, because no one knows what it has cost them. Magnus He wants to make his own history and the past does not matter as it is time to build his own path.

"When you have something and you value it, it is difficult to give it up, we assure you that we will not make it easy for our rivals. The title is like a son and even if we stay on the line"We are going to defend it," he mentioned.

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For your part Flying Jr He has given them a lot of advice, and although they have not had direct congratulations, their teacher emphasizes that it is not just about getting there, but staying there. And they remembered that the advice has been the examples that he has left them. Well, despite the shoulder injury he had on the anniversary, he won the race even with his shoulder protruding and still prevailed, declared Magnus.

While Roar said that their teacher asked them to start from the bottom and both young people were grateful for that because they know that thanks to this, they have become stronger and that the faction is for a long time and will make history.


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