Magnitude 6.9 earthquake shakes the Mexican state of Michoacán | News


An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 shook the Mexican state of Michoacán on Thursday less than a week after the report of a 7.7 tremor.


They register 692 aftershocks of the earthquake that affected Mexico

The National Seismological Service of Mexico reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was located 81 kilometers from the municipality of Coalcomán.

According to Civil Protection of Michoacán, the tremor was noticeable throughout the state, in the Mexican capital and other states of the North American country.

The security entity urged citizens to take extreme precautions against possible aftershocks of the earthquake and communicate with the authorities to report any incident.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in a call with the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that the tremor was also strongly felt in the states of Colima, Jalisco, Guerrero and Mexico City, where the seismic alert was activated. “So far there is no report of damage,” he stressed.

The tremor occurs after the earthquake that shook Mexico on Monday, less than an hour after the national drill that takes place every September 19 to commemorate the earthquakes of 1985 and 2017, which occurred on this same date and are considered the most destructive in history. recent.

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