Magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Japan leaves at least ten injured | News

An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 shook the southwestern and western regions of Japan on Saturday, leaving a preliminary balance of a dozen injured on the island of Kyushu, local authorities reported.


Magnitude 6.3 earthquake recorded in southwestern Japan

The Japan Meteorological Agency details that the earthquake, recorded at 01:00 (local time) had its epicenter 60 kilometers from Kyushu, and at a depth of 45 kilometers, a site belonging to one of the most active tectonic zones on the Japanese coast.

The Meteorological Agency that the telluric movement caused strong shaking in Kyushu and southwest of the island of Honshu. In fact, its intensity was higher than five on the Japanese seismic scale of seven in Miyazaki and Oita prefectures.

Precisely in Oita, six people suffered minor injuries; while in Miyazaki, police sources confirmed another four wounded. Injuries were also quantified in the prefectures of Saga and Kumamoto, in Kyushu.

Regarding material damage, there was a temporary blackout in Oita itself, in addition to breakdowns in water pipes in various parts of the city.

While the tremor also caused damage to infrastructure, buildings, cracks in the roads, and at least 340 homes without water in the city of Nobeoka; in addition to being noticeable in a large area of ​​western Japan, as well as in part of the center of the country.

This was before registering sporadic aftershocks of lesser magnitude in the region after the main earthquake, which did not trigger waves or a tsunami warning; and being two tenths below the standard of 6.8 required for the national government to hold an extraordinary meeting of experts to evaluate a phenomenon of this specific nature.

The Executive detailed that some 320,000 people could die in the event of a tsunami being unleashed as a result of a trench-type earthquake along the Nankai Trench, extended in the west-central portion of Japan.