Magaly Chávez reveals why she ended up with Alfredo Adame: “You need help from a professional”


Magaly Chavez confessed to being disappointed Alfredo Adame for the series of accusations he made against him, and to put an end once and for all to the speculations revealed why she decided to end her relationship with him.

During an interview for Gerardo Escareno On her YouTube channel, the model shared her opinion about the war of declarations she had a few days ago with Alfredo Adame during the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’ So she did not remain silent and responded to him after calling her “current” and pointing her out for using her fame.

I have never handled myself as ordinary, or vulgar, far from it. If before I did not believe him less now, “he said.

The singer also assured that she would like to think that Adame’s apologies are sincere and not just to look good.

“It’s not that I hold a grudge against him, I accept his apologies as I told him. I hope he does them from the heart, but hey, he only knows if he’s doing it for good, if he’s doing it for himself, if he’s doing it for me, for all the people he has offended because I wanted that apology for all the people who have passed through his mouth, ”he confessed.

But within his strong revelations, he stressed that the Mexican driver “is a good man”, but he needs help from someone specialized in psychology.

“I told him: ‘you need help from a professional, don’t do it for me, for the people who hate you or criticize you, do it for yourself’”.

Magaly Chavez

He emphasized that the actor is continually a victim of his own words and does not measure himself when talking about someone.

There is something in him that has a lot of rancor, has a lot of hate. To that? Who did? I do not know. I only know that when he speaks he doesn’t stop and when he doesn’t stop he offends too much and after a while what is he going to do“, he added.

And she was not silent, so she also ended up confessing that one of the reasons that forced her to end their relationship was how violent Alfredo Adame is.

“He kicked out, after a while What are you going to do, hit me? Nerd. From the beginning, when I saw all this, I said: ‘no, Miss Magaly, I think you have to put a stop to it because if you allow it, something else will happen later’”.

“It made him proud to see me cry, I didn’t allow it anymore and that’s why I also ended the relationship and said until here”

Magaly Chavez

He pointed out that he was one of the few people who believed in him and helped him because he wanted to see him happy, to talk to his children and for everything around him to return.

“I wanted them to remember it again, not now, but it got out of hand. I am not anyone’s babysitter, anyone’s mother, as a girlfriend I wanted to help him, but if the man did not want to take that helpWell, no way, “he added.

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