Madrid doctors and pediatricians begin indefinite strike News

Madrid doctors and pediatricians begin indefinite strike | News

At least 400 doctors and paediatricians from health centers in the capital of Spain, summoned by the Association of Physicians and Higher Graduates of Madrid (Amyts) union, have gathered this Monday at the gates to start the first day of indefinite strike.


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According to the call, the primary care doctors point out that they are “in an extreme situation and very exhausted.”

4,240 family doctors and 720 pediatricians from the 430 health centers in the Community of Madrid are called to the indefinite strike, in protest against “the overload of work, the endless schedules and the lack of time to care for patients.”

The protest has had the participation of 400 people and was headed by a banner that read “Primary Care in Madrid runs out of doctors” and the message “SOS Primary Care”.

The strike begins three days after the same doctors’ union that has promoted this mobilization reached an agreement with the regional government of Isabel Díaz-Ayuso to end the previous protest of extra-hospital emergencies that began on November 7.

With this call, the majority union of doctors in the region wants to get the Government of the Community of Madrid to sit down to negotiate a shock plan to address the problems of health centers, which it described as being “on the verge of collapse”, and stop the exodus of physicians.

The strike by family doctors and pediatricians comes after thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid on November 13 to denounce the “critical state” of public health in the community and show their rejection of the extra-hospital emergency plan.