Madrid Audiovisual Association are interested in co-producing with Mexico

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Recently and after the pandemic, producers from different latitudes have sought to generate alliances to revive the audiovisual industry. For Spain, especially for the Madrid Audiovisual Association (AMA), Carrying out these co-productions, especially in Mexico, is something that has become a priority especially because of the great industry that has been generated in our country, however, they do hope that there will be more support from local authorities to continue producing even more.

“Co-production with Latin America has always been a fundamental axis for Spain and in the case of Mexico it may need a broader institutional push to promote relations between the two countries. In Spain we do have a minority co-production fund established to work with films that may be Latin American or from other countries and that rarely benefit from Mexico due to certain difficulties that perhaps can be eliminated. I think there is an opportunity for co-productions with Mexico as long as the institutions decide to promote it,” Carlo D'Ursi, President of the Madrid Audiovisual Association, told Excélsior.

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D'Ursi, nominated for the Goya Award for Best Fiction Short Film in 2020 for Yayasaid, within the framework of the fifth edition of the Mestizo Lab Audiovisual and Scenic Forum, that there is currently a very close approach with the State of Jalisco, where great activity and a high number of productions have been registered.

“As the President of the Madrid Audiovisual Association, we are interested in promoting bilateral relations with other regions or states of the same legislative rank and the same size range. We are very interested in that and Mexican states, such as Jalisco, which have a very large production and that right now have implemented a tax incentive and also have aid, could be very interesting and we hope to build a bridge with them, since we, At the City Council level and at the Community of Madrid level, we have aid for minority co-productions. So let's hope that they also want to promote these synergies on their side," D'Ursi continued, explaining that in this case co-productions between Mexico and Spain are governed by the Ibero-American Co-production agreement.

For 'Ursi, The Mestizo Lab Forum is the ideal space for synergies to take place between Mexico, represented by a delegation from Stage México Produce, and Spain, one of the European countries where audiovisual production is of great importance.

Likewise, the member of the Production Commission of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain spoke about Artificial Intelligence and how it should not be seen as something negative.

“The biggest enemy of progress is prohibition, the fear of change and this is what can harm this process. Any other element that helps you regulate it will be useful. "Prohibiting is never the solution," said the man who premieres as a producer this Thursday in Spanish territory the documentary 'With you, with you and without me', by director Amaya Villar, who recorded at different times in her life the four most significant relationships in her life. .

This Monday afternoon Carlo D 'Ursi with Igor Lozada, General Coordinator of Extension and Cultural Diffusion of the University of Guadalajara, and Cinthya García Leyva, Researcher, cultural manager and Director of the Casa del Lago at UNAM, held a talk on Performing Arts Production, multidisciplinary and Audiovisual at the Casa de México in Spain, within the framework of Mestizo Lab.


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