Made in Mexico is losing a lot of strength among young consumers

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In moments when the nearshoring is gaining strength in our country, the differentiating attribute Made in Mexico is losing weight among the younger generations, especially the centennials, revealed the 2nd Edition of the Sales Floor Purchase Awareness Study (CCPV).

According to the document, prepared by GS1 México and the consulting firm Tendencia IM, the relevance of the Made in Mexico seal is losing relevance among young consumers and in categories such as food, hygiene and beauty, non-alcoholic beverages and pets. By contrast, Made in Mexico remains relevant among generation X and baby boomers.

Younger consumers assign less importance to the Made in Mexico attribute compared to older generations. This may be an indicator that new generations value other aspects when making purchasing decisions,” the study revealed.

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Only for 32 percent of members of generation Z, the Made in Mexico seal is relevant; while it has a weight of 45% for the millennialsfrom 48% for Gen X and 54% for baby boomers.

On the other hand, the consumers most interested in the quality of the products are those of Gen Z with 88 percent; Those looking for more affordable prices are millennials with 86%; Those most interested in promotions are Gen Z with 76%; while those most interested in brands are baby boomers with 56%.


Quality and price are qualities that all brands must have. “Each company must carry out an in-depth analysis to find process efficiencies that allow competition on price and continuous improvement in the final product.

It will be of no use to brands to be sustainable, organic or socially responsible if their products do not meet essential characteristics such as quality, price and availability,” the study explained.

This is because respondents considered product quality to be the most important attribute when choosing food and beverages, with a high percentage of 86 percent.

This indicates that the Consumers value product quality over other aspects; Meanwhile, the attribute of Lowest Price and Promotions are also significant, with 83% and 72%, respectively.


When choosing a supermarket, customers prioritize essential elements such as product variety, promotions, prices and proximity.

They are the elements that they must have, but they must also work on their differentiating attributes, which are: availability of products, variety of payment methods and size of the supermarket. Furthermore, going to the supermarket is confirmed as a social activity for Mexicans, since the majority (72%) go as a family or with their partner,” stated the study presented yesterday by the firm GS1 México.



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