Luton Town fans' mockery over Hillsborough tragedy condemned | Video

Luton Town fans' mockery over Hillsborough tragedy condemned | Video
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The Premier League This Tuesday he condemned the offensive chants by several fans of the Luton Town on Hillsborough tragedy, and threw a awareness initiative for the students.

The catastrophe of Hillsboroughwhich happened in 1989, claimed the lives of 97 people due to an avalanche, which showed the poor performance of the police, during the semifinals of the FA Cup who disputed Nottingham Forest and Liverpool in the stadium Sheffield United, Hillsborough.

During the 1-1 tie between Luton Town and Liverpool last Sunday, we heard chants against Hillsborough victimssomething that already happened recently with fans of the Leeds United, Manchester United and Manchester City.

On April 22, the club Nottingham Forest had supported Liverpool and denounced those songs.

The Premier League assured that These types of offenses are unacceptable. and that it is their priority to put an end to them, in addition to remembering that people who commit them face punishment. ban on entering the stadium as well as one criminal complaint. This applies to both in-person offenses and online offenses.

He clarified in his statement:

Actions have already been taken this season, incidents have been investigated and bans have been issued. The abuse caused by the football tragedy causes great distress to the victims' families and other football fans.

Likewise, the Premier League announced a awareness campaignstarting November 13, in 18 thousand schools in England and Wales, where 60 thousand teachers They will teach a class so that students understand the impact that this type of behavior has on victims.

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