Lula receives attacks from Bolsonaro in the last electoral debate in Brazil | News

The last debate between the candidates for the presidency of Brazil was held on Thursday night and concluded in the early hours of this Friday, which was characterized by the attacks launched by President Jair Bolsonaro against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


Poll: Lula maintains leadership for elections in Brazil

Bolsonaro, who is running for re-election nominated by the Liberal Party (PL), insulted Lula da Silva, favorite to win next Sunday’s elections, and called him a liar and a traitor.

The former president (2003-2010), who seeks to return to the government nominated by a coalition led by the Workers’ Party (PT), replied that it is insane for a president to act in this way, so he asked him to lie less.

In the debate promoted by TV Globo and in which seven of the 11 presidential candidates participated, Bolsonaro focused all his interventions on Lula, to whom he spoke directly.

The exchange of ideas occurred shortly after Datafolha published a poll predicting Lula’s victory in the first round this Sunday, with a 14-point lead over Bolsonaro.

At one point, Bolsonaro affirmed that he is at the head of “a clean government, without corruption”, when in his administration a Minister of Education was arrested accused of corruption, while the head of the Environment resigned under investigation for timber trafficking, among others. scandals.

Likewise, Lula addressed Bolsonaro to tell him: “On October 2 the people will send you home. And I am going to make a decree ending your 100-year stealth to find out how much you want to hide for 100 years.”

More than 150,000,000 citizens will be able to participate in the presidential elections in Brazil scheduled for this Sunday.

If the winner of the Sunday election day wishes to avoid a second round, scheduled for next October 30, he must obtain 50 percent plus one of the valid votes cast.

In addition to electing the next president and vice president of the country, Brazilians will also vote for the governors of the 27 states, the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and partial of the Chamber of Senators, and the legislative assemblies of the states.