Lula leads voting intention in Brazil, according to surveys | News


The latest polls on the presidential race in Brazil continue to show that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva leads the voting intentions with a view to the next presidential elections, to be held on October 2.


Poll ratifies Lula’s advantage over Bolsonaro for elections in Brazil

A recent study by the Intelligence Research and Strategic Consulting Institute (IPEC) indicated earlier this week that the PT candidate outperforms far-right Jair Bolsonaro by 16 points, current president of the South American country that is betting on re-election.

For its part, the latest survey published to date by the Brazilian Datafolha Institute specifies that Lula would obtain 45 percent of the votes, which translates into 48 percent of the valid ones, and would have to go to a second lap.

This research also places Bolsonaro 9 points below Lula, while the candidate Ciro Gomes of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) occupies the third position in the intention to vote of Brazilians, with around 8 percent.

According to reports this week, several left-wing intellectuals and politicians from the Latin American region issued an open letter to Gomes, requesting that he resign his candidacy in order to facilitate Lula’s victory in the first round of the elections.

In the Brazilian electoral scenario, political violence is worrying, and the risk of attacks that Lula’s supporters may suffer from those of Bolsonaro. Brazil’s Electoral Court also prohibited voters from carrying weapons 48 hours before election day.

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