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The candidate for the presidency of Brazil for the Workers’ Party (PT), Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, intensified his campaign agenda this Wednesday, by holding a massive public act in the city of Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco.


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The event, in which former president Lula and federal deputy Danilo Cabral (PSB) were together before thousands of Pernambucans as a candidacy formula, as part of the alliance Let’s Go Together for Brazil.

“Every human being, woman or man, has to have a cause; I’m a dreamer. When I won the Presidency, I wanted to show that it was possible to make our dream come true, for which it was essential to be clear on which side I was on and who I represented”, remarked the PT leader.

To which he added: what do I want for Brazil? “I want a sovereign country that takes care of its land, maritime and space borders. That is consciously in charge of its mineral wealth, those that are in the soil and subsoil, in the water and in the depths, such as the pre-salt, that It is located almost 7,000 meters deep.

“I want you to go home thinking that the Brazil you want for you and your families is a Brazil that we can build, and that we have already built,” Lula announced, referring to social plans from his previous mandates such as the generation of 22 million jobs; the removal of 36 million from extreme poverty; and the realization of the dream of home ownership for millions of families with Minha Casa, Minha Vida.

While once again condemning Bolsonaro’s latest coup attacks on democracy during a meeting with ambassadors this week. “He wants to create a case, distrusting the polls, but deep down, what he doesn’t want is for the working people of this country to vote,” Lula said.

Regarding the PT-PSB coalition On Wednesday afternoon, Lula also participated in a public act in Serra Talhada, Recife, in the city’s old Railway Station.

Meanwhile, Cabral stated that he had “a historic commitment to the defense of democracy.” What is the blackboard that has the face of education, of the indigenous peoples, of the MST, of rural workers, of science, the face of the countryside? It is important to have a blackboard that talks about politics and gives clarity about the thought that we represent, “she sidestepped.

This union takes place after the National Directorate approved the alliance policy, with the Lula-Geraldo Alckmin president-vice president formula; with 599 votes (94.3 percent) in favor of the appointment of the list, 34 against and 2 abstentions.

Precisely this Thursday, the PT will hold its National Convention in São Paulo, which will indicate the Lula-Alckmin list for registration in the Electoral Court; to which should be added the development of the National Convention of the Brazilian Federation of Hope (PT-PCdoB-PV), which will also indicate the list that will be registered in the Electoral Tribunal.

The electoral agenda also includes a closed meeting on Thursday morning with artists and cultural producers at the Teatro do Parque, in Recife; a lunch at the house of Danilo Cabral (RSP); and at the end of the afternoon another public act in the Chevrolet Hall.

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