Lula da Silva reaches 48% vote intention in Brazil | News

The candidate for the presidency of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, reached 48 percent of the intention to vote, one percentage point more than last week, according to the survey by the FSB Research Institute and the BTG bank, whose Results were released on Monday.


Attack against Brazilian deputy sympathizer of Lula da Silva

According to local media, despite obtaining a higher number of voting intentions, the leader of the Workers’ Party has not yet reached a sufficient percentage to win in a first round, since the total of the other candidates reaches 53 percent.

However, in the previous week Lula had risen from 44 to 47 percent, while President Jair Bolsonaro appeared with 37 percent, the same percentage he registered in the last four published weekly polls.

Other data specified by the pollster indicated that the candidate Ciro Gomes maintains 8 percent, the same percentage as in the previous survey, while senator Simone Tebet registered 5 percent.

The sum of the other candidates reaches 3 percent of the voting intentions. On the other hand, in the second round Lula continues to lead the polls with 52 percent, the same percentage as in the previous poll.

Meanwhile, the current head of the Executive climbed one point, with a record of 40 percent. However, there is a percentage difference of 12 points between the former Brazilian president and the current president.

For his part, the candidate Gomes, who was asked by popular movements and activists to give up his votes for Lula in order to ensure his election in the first round, reaffirmed his candidacy and announced that he will not offer his votes.