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The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, confirmed on Sunday the increase in the minimum wage on the occasion of the commemoration of International Workers' Day.


Lula expresses commitment to maintain growth policy in Brazil

Lula da Silva indicated that a 2.8 percent increase will come into force as of May 1, so the minimum wage in the country will go from 1,212 reais (242.4 dollars) to 1,302 reais (260.4 dollars).

"It is a small but real increase, above inflation, for the first time after six years," said the head of state.

In a message to the Brazilian people, Lula affirmed that in the next few days he will send to Congress a bill that will make it possible to adjust the minimum wage above the inflation rate of the previous year.

Lula da Silva assured that throughout his third term, the minimum wage will return to being an instrument of social transformation that it was in the past, when it grew 74 percent above inflation and allowed millions of Brazilians to escape poverty.

The Brazilian head of state pointed out that the increase in the minimum wage will allow relaunching economic development and will contribute to the generation of new jobs.

Lula also announced that starting in May workers earning up to 2,640 reais a month ($528) will be exempt from paying income tax.

The president added that, until the end of his term, he will fulfill his promise to raise the salary limit of people exempt from paying taxes to 5,000 reais (1,000 dollars).

The president recalled that in his first terms, the South American giant had a record generation of jobs, the minimum wage was always readjusted above inflation and all the rights of workers were guaranteed.

Lula da Silva commented that since he re-assumed the Presidency, he has been working to recover the gains lost during the Jair Bolsonaro administration by the workers.

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