Lula da Silva announces measures in favor of quilombola communities | News

Lula da Silva announces measures in favor of quilombola communities
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During the celebration of Black Consciousness Day, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced on Monday 13 measures in favor of communities that historically resisted slavery.


Why is Black Consciousness Day commemorated?

The package of measures foresees investments of around 20 million reais (4,120,907 dollars) to, among other initiatives, advance the land titling processes of 1,800 quilombola communities.

"What we have done here today is the payment of a historical debt that white supremacy has built in this country since it was discovered. We only want to restore what is a reality of a democratic society," said Lula da Silva.

The event at the Planalto Palace was attended by the Minister of Racial Equality, Anielle Franco, as well as politicians, ministers, artists and leaders of black and quilombola movements.

Minister Anielle Franco was in charge of announcing the package of measures in favor of communities that resisted slavery, known in the country as quilombolas.

Among the most important proposals is the delivery of titles that guarantee possession for around 300 quilombola families from different regions of the country.

Other measures are the sum of 8 million reais (1.6 million dollars) for a qualification program for employees who provide psychosocial care to families of victims of violence in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.

The actions announced by Minister Anielle Franco were divided into the following axes: right to life and dignity, right to education and inclusion, right to land and right to memory and reparation.

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