Lula continues to lead vote intention for elections in Brazil | News


A new survey by the Intelligence Research and Strategic Consulting Institute (IPEC) indicated on Monday that the Brazilian presidential candidate, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, continues to lead the voting intentions ahead of the elections next October, after surpassing the current President Jair Bolsonaro by 16 points.


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The survey detailed that Lula received 47 percent of the voting intention of those surveyed, while Bolsonaro had 31 percent.

They are followed by former Minister Ciro Gomes with 7 percent, as well as Senator Simone Tebet with 5, and Soraya Thronicke with 1 percent. The survey reports that the other candidates did not reach one percent.

According to the results, before Lula’s 47 percent, the sum of the votes of all the other candidates gives 44 percent.

In relation to valid votes, Lula would win the Presidency of Brazil on October 2 with 52 percent support, compared to 34 percent for Bolsonaro.

Faced with a possible scenario of a second round of elections, IPEC specified that Lula would win with 54 percent against the 35 that Bolsonaro would achieve.

3,008 Brazilians were interviewed between September 13 and 19, and the survey shows a margin of error of two percentage points. The results were registered in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

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