Lula and Putin highlight the need for a prompt ceasefire in Gaza | News

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, held a telephone conversation this Monday with his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, at the latter's initiative, where they discussed in depth the aggravated situation between Israel and Gaza.


Israel kills two more Palestinians in occupied West Bank

According to the Kremlin in a statement, during the exchange, "serious concern was expressed about the increasing number of casualties among the civilian population and the fundamental importance of an early ceasefire, the evacuation of foreign citizens from the Strip was underlined. of Gaza and unimpeded access of humanitarian aid to the occupied territory"

Likewise, both leaders agreed to work together to take "urgent and effective measures through the UN to de-escalate the crisis." In that sense, they highlighted the need to recognize an independent Palestinian State "that coexists in peace and security with Israel."

On the other hand, in relation to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Putin denounced the "destructive" policy of the Kiev regime supported by Western countries and once again showed his willingness to dialogue.

Meanwhile, Lula advocated finding ways to resolve the conflict through political and diplomatic means.

In addition, the leaders expressed their interest in continuing to collaborate closely within the framework of the BRICS group and the G20, as well as "developing mutually beneficial cooperation between both countries in various fields."

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