Lula and governors ratify commitment to a democratic State | News

Brazilian governors signed this Friday a document that ratifies their commitment to the democratic rule of law and the institutional stability of the nation.


Lula meets with governors to rebuild Brazil

“Democracy is a non-negotiable value. Only through the dialogue that it favors will we be able to prioritize economic growth with the reduction of our inequalities and the social evils that today impose suffering and hopelessness on a significant part of the Brazilian population”, reads the text named as the Brasilia Charter.

The letter came to light after a meeting between the state leaders and the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the Planalto Palace.

“Today’s meeting ratified everyone’s desire for the federative pact to function in a cooperative and efficient environment to overcome economic obstacles and meet the great needs of the Brazilian people,” the text states.

Likewise, it highlights the role of Public Consortiums to rescue the policy that enables a better management of public resources between the Union, the States and the municipalities.

“Together we will create a Federation Council. Representatives of the Union, the States and the municipalities will sit in it, with a view to defining a permanent agenda for dialogue and concertation on the issues defined as priorities by the federative entities,” he affirms. the text.

Finally, the letter confirms that the efforts will be focused on the development agenda and on effectively combating unemployment, inflation, hunger and poverty.

Even governors sympathetic to former President Jair Bolsonaro, such as TarcĂ­sio de Freitas, Jorginho Mello, Romeu Zema and Ratinho Junior, signed the text.