Lula and Geraldo Alckmin presidential candidacy formula confirmed in Brazil | News


The Workers’ Party (PT) and the Socialist Party of Brazil (PSB), made official this Friday the formula for the presidential candidacy of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alckmin, during the convention of the latter formation in the southern hotel sector of Brasilia .


Survey: Lula leads voting intention with 51.6% in Brazil

The electoral formula, favorite to prevail in the next elections according to all the polls, was confirmed unanimously and in the presence of both candidates, deputies from both parties, as well as other political parties that make up the coalition supporting former President Lula.

In this sense, the national president of the PSB, Carlos Siqueira, avoided the announcement that “in the name of simplicity, discretion, competence, and capacity, of Governor Geraldo Alckmin to compose the vice presidency of the Republic with the President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva”.

For his part, Lula recognized the support of the signatories of the manifesto for democracy, which already has almost 400,000 signatures and will be read on August 11, at USP’s Law School, in Largo de São Francisco, downtown São Paul.

To which he added that “I never imagined, at 76 years of age, with more than 50 years of participation in the trade union movement and in the parties, that we would see a President of the Republic lie to the ambassadors and give a false idea that in Brazil’s democracy is at risk due to electronic ballot boxes. The idea that these elections will be stolen,” referring to the maneuvers of President Jair Bolsonaro to try to boycott the elections.

“This country will only be successful if it grows again to generate more jobs and better wages,” Lula said while denouncing the current Executive for exacerbating the levels of hunger and unemployment in that South American country.

While Alckmin expressed that “it is time for Bolsonaro to leave. His time is up. His ideas and his concepts do not serve the country. His lies no longer hold. His cunning plan against democracy has failed. And the ballot boxes will rid Brazil of all the evil it caused.”

Meanwhile, deputy Jandira Feghali, vice president of the PCdoB, stated about the Lula-Alckmin union that “it has been a construction that expresses the maturity of all these parties at this moment in which we are living. It is not an easy moment, it is not an easy moment, but it required an open mind, a broad mind, to build this unity, which more than anything is a necessity for Brazil and for those who have love for our people and our country.”

During the date it transpired that Andreia Nunes decided to withdraw her candidacy to express her support for the Lula-Alckmin formula; as well as various political sectors and Congress, which in turn have shown their dissatisfaction with the decisions and attitudes of the current head of state, Jair Bolsonaro.

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