Luis Wertman Zaslav- For peace, there is no other objective

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Terror is the tool to stop social progress and keep a society immobilized through fear. This purpose is always supported by interests that have nothing to do with general benefit and everything to do with creating panic, division and distrust.

Any act of terror must be condemned, wherever it occurs, because its goal is to destroy not only the facts, but also the perception of the people, to try to convince them that peace is not possible and that the only solution is to act with the same, or more, strength. In short, dehumanize us. And that is unacceptable.

As a society, we must reject any act of violence, but find ways by which conflict can be avoided or reduced. Aggression is convenient for no one, except for those who sow panic and take the path of violence to destroy the foundation of any community: unity.

In a co-responsible manner, we have to do precisely the opposite of what those who use terror do, we must demand peace, demand dialogue and, above all, ask that those responsible be brought to justice. The Law of Talion has no place in an intelligent society.

Respect and tolerance are two values ​​that lay the foundations for building peace. We do not have to agree on everything, but we do have to agree on the fundamentals and that is the harmony with which we can, and must, live together. Tolerating is not putting up with something that we don't like about someone or that doesn't coincide with our ideas, it is opening our criteria to other interpretations and ways of thinking. The only thing that cannot be tolerated is harming another person.

Throughout history, through much manipulation and misinformation, important social groups have been confused to confront each other for invented causes or grievances that they are not aware of. The radicalism with which the worst crimes of humanity have been committed has been fueled by lies and supported by a mistaken desire to prevail over another culture and another way of seeing life. Faced with that, the only objective we must pursue is understanding.

David Ben-Gurion, the first minister in the history of Israel, said that anyone who did not believe in miracles was not a realist. I believe that peace is a miracle that can occur many times and it is enough to have the will and commitment to make it happen. That is why solidarity, particularly that provoked by moments of emergency, acts of nobility arise that seem to be dormant in our societies until we realize that the only way to continue as individuals is together and with the same objectives.

Egoism can be useful for survival; But that is the main mistake we make, we are not surviving, what we want is to prosper and live better. That only comes from understanding and a sense of belonging, because we are not as different as they try to make us believe and our nature is not isolation, but emancipation, through the noblest emotions.

It is a scientific fact, proven in many studies, that giving provokes an emotion much more complex and rich in learning than satisfying our desires and ambitions. Achieving something important to us and not having someone to share it with is the greatest tragedy that can be experienced during our existence. Sharing helps us give meaning to everything we do and that is why it leaves a deep mark when we do it, even on occasions that seem superficial.

In any moment of great pain, judgment becomes clouded and we allow the worst feelings to surface. That is the victory of the terrorist, lowering ourselves to his level so that there we lose the same thing that he has left behind: the authentic purpose of life. In this way, his acts, no matter how atrocious, have a justification and are chained in an infinite sequence of attacks that lead to the destruction of everything we consider good, moral and civilized.

In an environment like this, the only law is that of the strongest, never the most capable or the most intelligent. Let's make sanity and unity prevail in the face of terror, wherever it comes from. This does not mean folding our arms or stopping acting when it is our turn; However, it means that we will not lose, under any circumstances, what makes us good people and that is the conviction that the only possible destiny we deserve is that of lasting peace.

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