Luis Rubiales refuses to resign as president of the RFEF: "It has been a social murder"

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The President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesannounced this Friday that he will continue in his position despite the "pressure" and denounced that "a social murder is being carried out" against him, at the same time that he explained that the kiss Jenni Hermoso it was “spontaneous, mutual and consensual”.

Rubiales, stated in his speech at the Extraordinary Assembly in the Soccer City of Las Rozas.

But do you think that this is to suffer the hunt that I am suffering? Do you honestly believe it? Is it so serious that I leave having done the best management in the history of Spanish football? Do you think I have to resign? Well, I'm going to tell you something, I'm not going to resign, I'm not going to resign.

The Spaniard thus reaffirmed his position, also denouncing "a lot of pressure" received in the last hours.

They have told me that the best thing was for me to resign, because if not, someone will probably think of removing me from the forum on Monday, looking for the formula. But we are in a country where the law prevails, where there has to be a reason for them to take you out of a place.

"What have I done? Is a pampered peak to get me out of here? Anyone who knows me knows that I will fight until the end. I also hope that the law is complied with and, therefore, since there is nothing to commit such an act, it does not occur," Rubiales said bluntly.

The president defended that he has "a great relationship with all the Spanish players", with whom he formed "a family for more than a month" at the World Cup.

“Jenni said it was an anecdote and so on. From the anecdote, from the nothing happens, all these pressures begin, it goes to the silence of the player and then to a statement that the truth is that I do not quite understand. Here they are not trying to do justice, that is false, a social murder is being carried out on me, they are trying to kill me," Rubiales denounced.

Rubiales explained that Hermoso "lifted him off the ground" to grab him by the legs and when he left him on the ground they hugged.

And I told him, forget about the penalty. You've been fantastic and without you we wouldn't have won this World Cup. She answered me, you are a crack. And I told her, a little bit and she told me, okay.

(With information from Europe Press)

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