Luis Miguel warms up the Sultana del Norte

Luis Miguel warms up the Sultana del Norte
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Sun He finally left for Mexico since yesterday Luis Miguel officially started his 2023 tour throughout the national territory, whose first stop was at the Banorte Stadium in Monterrey.

To avoid crowds, attendees could enter the venue from 6:00 p.m., camping or queuing prior to this time being prohibited. However, it seems that the fans were out of time, because by 9:00 p.m. hours that the concert was scheduled, the place still had a good segment to fill.

Although those who were on time, mostly adult women, were enough to give him a warm welcome, as they were waiting for him with banners, flowers and batons chanting: “Micky, Monterrey loves you!”

After 9:40 p.m. the singer finally appeared to captivate his northern audience by opening his show with full energy with his hit It will be that you do not love mewhich in addition to being sung along with his fans, ignited the euphoria when the performer began to shake his hip, while he moved little by little to the sides, with a smile from ear to ear, making evident his excitement at being there, which which provoked applause from his audience.

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What really marked this date was that people, as they did with Taylor Swift outside the Foro Sol, occupied the surrounding arteries and sidewalks to sing every song that echoed from her majestic voice and from the interior of the stadium.

A man is looking for a woman It also resonated through the premises, and as stated, even the street vendors and curious people in their cars stopped to enjoy the spectacle from inside their premises or vehicles.

As I loved you and Under the table They filled the atmosphere with romanticism, making some even dance as a couple, while others, like Love love loverecharged his energy.

At the close of this edition, the evening had lasted two hours in front of more than 30 thousand attendees, who are now part of one of the most anticipated concerts for every lover of music in Spanish.

The outcome was still awaited Now you can go, Isabel and When the sun heatsamong other.

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