Luis Miguel refused to sing a song by Alicia Villareal

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Luis Miguel He is known for having recorded songs by important composers such as Armando Manzanero or Juan Carlos Calderón and it was difficult for them to accept taste songs that were not theirs, which is why he refused to work with Alicia Villareal.

In a press conference, Alicia Villareal revealed that in 1998 she composed a song for Luis Miguel, but he rejected it.

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“There was a time when I wrote a song for Luis Miguel and we sent it to him many years ago, that song was called 'Por no saber de ti', they just told me that he didn't sing songs by other authors other than the ones he worked with. has worked".

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And recently the singer went to “Ventaneando” where they questioned him about this topic and he said that he already She is used to other artists refusing to work with her.

“I no longer feel bad when they tell me no, I'm used to it. I have invited some of my colleagues, artists that I admire a lot. "I'm used to being told no."

Alicia Villareal reveals that other celebrities refused to work with her

In the interview with “Ventaneando”, Alicia Villareal pointed out that there are several artists who have not wanted to work with her, such as Yuri and Lucero, to whom she proposed to record a song together.

“With Yuri I told her that I invited her to sing 'Ladronzuelo' with me... It's just that sometimes it doesn't happen. I was always waiting for the duet with Vicente Fernández and the companies never had that good partnership. They (Lucero and Yuri) are the great ones and I admire them, I love them, I have always wanted to see them. I think her time will come, maybe.”

Finally, he commented that when he a tribute album to northern artists I wanted to record songs with different musicians of that musical genre, but it was not achieved.

“I made the 'La Jefa' album thinking that that album was a tribute to all northerners and I wanted to do duets with the greatest northerners and I ended up singing the album alone. Don Chayo, from Cardenales, who I have learned from and I love him with all my soul and he was with me, he recorded the accordion with me, but I did not have the yes of the other representatives of northern music to be with me on this album.”


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