Luis Miguel plays CDMX for his unconditional fans

Luis Miguel plays CDMX for his unconditional fans
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What is it about a singer like Luis Miguel that can enchant both the public and figures in the entertainment industry, of different nationalities, ages and genders, ranging from Carolina Herrera and Michael Bublé to urban exponents like Maluma, Luis Fonsi and Bad Bunny? An unmistakable voice and elegance and a career spanning more than 40 years that supports his unique style of performing everything from Latin pop to bolero and mariachi. But, above all, the continuity of his position as a gentleman with an impeccable figure and smile, silent in the face of his private life, and with a musical sound that has had an impact on the daily lives of generations.

Without new albums or singles, without making personal use of social networks or giving interviews or conferences, without giving messages, at 53 years old, Luis Miguel achieved the sold out from each of the 66 headquarters of its Tour 2023 in Latin America and many public figures, including singers who clearly have it in their soundtrack of life, were there as part of his very long list of followers. These are some of those who boasted of having lived the experience of being enlightened and crazy, on their return to the stage this year, for Sun.

This is how the prelude to what is expected this November 20 was drawn when Luis Miguel steps into the Mexico City Arena, a venue that he himself inaugurated on February 25, 2012 and that awaits him for seven dates.


  • Although Andrés Calamaro did not attend the concerts that Luis Miguel offered in Argentina, he said that he would have liked to see “him or his double”: “That theory seems crazy to me, as if that voice could be easy for anyone to replicate.” .
  • Featherweight also expressed himself as a fan of Luis Miguel. It was through his social networks that the current greatest exponent of corridos tumbados responded to another publication that praised the sold out from the singer's 2023 tour: “The greatest in Mexico. Honor to whom honor he deserves”, published Doble P.
  • Laura Pausini and Anitta have previously stated that they are fans of Luis Miguel and that the singer is part of their musical influence.

The data

  • Prior to his Tour 2023Luis Miguel performed in November 2019 at the Caesar's Palace Coliseum in Las Vegas, before the pandemic.


  • August 3: Begins Luis Miguel Tour 2023 at the Movistar Arena, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the singer performed ten dates. The media and fans emphasize the singer's rejuvenated face, his slim body and his impeccable voice. Since then, he has been accompanied by his current girlfriend, the Spanish designer Paloma Cuevas, who was his childhood friend and comadre.
  • August 7: Some attendees at his concerts raise doubts about whether he playback or if he is a double, while others defend his unique voice and new image.
  • August 21: At the start of his tour in Santiago de Chile, he presented discomfort such as sneezing and a hoarse voice, an apparent case of pharyngitis, cutting his concerts short and turning the microphone over to the public.
  • August 22: It turned out that his health had declined, as he was rushed to the hospital, while he was in Santiago de Chile.
  • October 15: He attends the wedding of his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas with Danilo Díaz, in Tuscany. It is presumed that he accompanied her halfway to the altar.
  • November 8: Donated ten million pesos to rebuild homes in Acapulco, after the hurricane Otis.
  • November 13: Performs in a private show in Monterrey.
  • November 17: It turned out that he did pay child support for his children, Miguel and Daniel, in advance. He does not appear before the CDMX Prosecutor's Office. His team of lawyers has the matter under control. It is unknown why Arámbula has not collected the resources for the minors.

The Canadian singer Michael Bublé has expressed on different occasions his admiration for Luis Miguel and he certainly did not miss the first concerts that Sun awarded in August at the Movistar Arena, in Argentina, where he was in the front row with his wife, Luisana Lopilato. “I am his big fan,” he said to the media. Days later, Bublé, in one of his presentations in Monterrey, once again expressed his taste for the singer's music: “Mexico is the best country in the world, but I have news for you: This is not a concert, it is not a show If you want to see a show, let's go see Luis Miguel. “He is so sexy!”

The Mexican singer, son of the singer, actress and host Verónica Castro, went to one of the concerts in Argentina and was caught singing songs like Gentle and Until you forget me. And although it seems that Sun He distinguished him among the first rows, he did not greet him out of the corner of his eye as recorded in the videos of that moment. And although he seemed happy at the concert, as a spectator, in an interview for an Argentine media, Castro said that he would have liked to have greeted him, as a fellow countryman, at least: "I suppose they are quarrels within him, perhaps." Both were Daisy Fuentes' boyfriends, first Castro and then Luis Miguel, which further marked their distance, as well as in the musical field, at the time.

In August, the 96-year-old Argentine presenter and actress, host of one of the longest-running programs on Argentine television, Having lunch with Mirtha Legrandreceived a kiss and a rose from Luis Miguel, during one of his concerts in Buenos Aires.

“It was fantastic, wonderful and spectacular. “Two and a half hours singing non-stop,” she said at the end of the concert, which Sun He interrupted just to greet her. Furthermore, he also denied that Luismi will use doubles to sing.

Michelle Salas

Videos circulate of his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas, who attended the first concert of Sun in Las Vegas, within the framework of the national holidays. The images showed that the model, also the daughter of actress Stephanie Salas, was accompanied by Alex Basteri, her uncle, who is the brother of Sun.

Bad Bunny

Who said that the current and greatest exponent of reggaeton, Bad Bunny, was a fan of Luis Miguel. Well yes. The Bad Rabbit attended to see him in New York, when the interpreter of Guilty or not It was presented at Madison Square Garden on October 8.

It was a surprise for the followers of the interpreter of Titi asked me29 years old, that he was an admirer of Sunbut it is so true that he did not hesitate to share his visit to such a great event on his social networks with a short video of Luis Miguel singing The unconditional. Apparently, Bad Bunny came with his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.

Carolina Herrera

The Venezuelan fashion designer and businesswoman Carolina Herrera not only attended Madison Square Garden in New York as a follower of the music of Sun, also on October 8, but she had the fortune that every fan desires. Upon noticing her presence in the first rows, Luis Miguel paused, got off the stage to greet her with a hug and a kiss on each cheek and immediately gave her two white roses as a token of gratitude for having her presence, which drove her crazy. to the attendees.

Camila Cabello

The Cuban singer Camila Cabello enjoyed this event in the front row tour 2023 as it passed through the Kaseya Center, in Miami, on October 11. With a big smile he can be seen in some videos, seeing how close his seat is to the stage.

This is not the first time that Camila shows that she is a fan of Sunbecause in 2018 a video went viral in which, like any mortal, she sings excitedly from the seats The bikinawhile enjoying Luis Miguel's presentation in Las Vegas.

Luis Fonsi

Together with his wife Águeda López, the singer of Slowly, Luis Fonsi, was also part of the experience that Luis Miguel gave to his followers in Miami. The Puerto Rican was even taken by the venue's cameras as part of the distinguished spectators of that night, while his wife could not contain her emotion and uploaded short videos of Luis Miguel's characteristic movements on stage to her social networks.

Lili Estefan

The driver of The fat and the skinny she recorded the moments she spent surrounded by the warmth of the music of Sun and published that Miami loves the singer, because only “beautiful energy” emanated from him, which was felt in the seats. That's how she shared a little When the sun heats.


Since May 2023, on his social networks, the Colombian singer made it clear that he is a fan of Luis Miguel, by uploading an image of the album cover of Sun from 1988, look for a woman, with a clear montage of his face on that of the singer of such material, but with the same hairstyle and pose. It was expected that Maluma would be part of the tour of Luis Miguel as an audience, joining the voices of all attendees when the Guilty or notin Washington, on October 20.

The boxer was one of the guests at the private concert that Luis Miguel offered prior to his first dates in Mexico, which began on November 14 in Monterrey, Nuevo León. This concert marked the 30th anniversary festivities of Grupo Financiero Value, Casa de Bolsa. The athlete went with his wife Fernanda Gómez. Michelle Salas, Alex Basteri and Toño Mauri, his childhood friend, also attended that evening.

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