Luis Miguel has a tender gesture with Carolina Herrera at one of his concerts

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This Sunday, October 8, Luis Miguel gave a concert in New York which Bad Bunny attended, but not only the reggaeton singer but also the famous fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who is a great friend of the singer.

At this concert, Luis Miguel momentarily stopped the show to be able to get off the stage and thus get closer to Carolina Herrerawho was in the front row watching and enjoying the show that the singer was offering.

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From one moment to the next, Luis Miguel comes off the stage and without the help of any security guard, the famous man goes towards the prominent fashion designer to hug her.

Immediately Carolina Herrera hugs Luis Miguel back and gives him two kissesone on each cheek.

In the video published by the magazine Facesyou can see how Luis Miguel says “I love you” to Carolina Herrera while looking very happy to see his friend.

Shortly after, Luis Miguel gives the fashion designer a bouquet of soft flowers which she gladly received.

This moment caused euphoria among everyone present, especially those in the front row, as they were able to see the singer even closer.

Carolina Herrera and Luis Miguel has a friendship for several years and until now it is unknown if their communicationIt is not constant, however, now the singer is surrounded by the world of fashion, since his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas, is also a fashion designer, as well as a businesswoman.

The famous fashion designer has not been the only personality to attend a Luis Miguel concert, since Diego Boneta was recently seen at one of the shows, as well as Alejandro Basteri and Michelle Salas, brother and daughter of the singer, respectively.


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