Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have dinner at a restaurant in Monterrey, users criticize the attitude of their bodyguards

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have dinner at a restaurant
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This November 14th it took place Luis Miguel's first concert in Mexicospecifically in MontereyNuevo León as part of his current tour in which he includes a total of 23 dates for Mexico after a long absence from the stage.

This is how on social networks the presentation of "The Sun of Mexico" Euphoria was once again unleashed by the singer and a user of TikTok shared a clip of Luis Miguel in a more informal state, that is, when he went to have dinner after his arrival in Monterrey accompanied by his partner, the Spanish businesswoman Pigeon caves.

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VIDEO: Luis Miguel was accompanied by Paloma Cuevas at a dinner in Monterrey

In it short video you can see how the interpreter goes "The Girl in the Blue Bikini" of the restaurant located at exclusive city ​​of San Pedro Garza Garcíalike all the diners, Luis Miguel walked out the front door accompanied by his bodyguards, one of them accompanies him with a umbrella while the singer walks beside him.

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@princesskarls Lucky girl syndrome #LUISMIGUEL we love you #fyp #concert #luismi #famous original sound - Verito Monetta

Luis Miguel left the restaurant accompanied by Paloma and it was the attitude of his bodyguard highly criticized by Internet users, since they dazzled them with the light to avoid taking photos, although some claimed that this was against the paparazzi who were in the place. However, other users They justified their actions, Well, they mentioned that many times, the fans they bother celebrities and they don't let them eat in peace.

According to the TikTok user, "El Sol de México" arrived at the establishment called "The Cologne" located in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, a place specialized in cuts of meat and tacos where he had a romantic dinner with Paloma Cuevas.

Luis Miguel was a success in his first concert, despite the smoke during the show

After their first date in Monterrey, on social networks they began to circulate fragments of the presentation of the interpreter of "Or your or any"one of the most viral It was when I was singing "Everything and nothing" because there was more smoke on the stage than bothered the singer for a few seconds.

@anasylviaruiz Córtale mi chavo #luismiguel #luismiguelgira2023 #monterrey #mty #luismigueltour2023 @Luis Miguel original sound - annie

When he realized the excess of the effect, Luis Miguel asked to be removedbut then he took it with humor and laughed at excessive smoke that surrounded him and this also caused laughter among the attendees. Among the comments it is read that fans enjoyed seeing their favorite singer smile rather annoy as has happened in the past.

In another video you can see that some fans who didn't get a ticket They were not left with the desire to see Luis Miguel and They went to listen to it outside the Banorte Stadium where you could see one of the screens and hear it perfectly.

@mel_mtz30 #luismiguelmonterrey original sound - Mel Mtz


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