Luis García: "Hopefully we can finish a perfect week"

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Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona), Oct 7 (EFE).- Espanyol coach, Luis García, stated this Saturday in the press conference prior to Monday's game against Villarreal B, that he is confident of "finishing a perfect week" after beating Racing de Ferrol (3-0) and Cartagena (0-2).

The Asturian, at the Dani Jarque Sports City, recalled that "continuing adding is very important" and warned of the rival's potential: "They are a very hard-working team, which tries to propose, scorers and attacks, although they receive a lot. They have very young people who "he will establish himself in the category. It will be difficult and beautiful."

Regarding the wear and tear of playing his third game in eight days, Luis García stressed that it is a "complicated" week and praised the recovery work and the professionalism of his players and the recoverers and physical trainers: "Hydration, nutrition are important and rest."

Asked if the locker room notices added pressure from being, after the last day, the sole leader of the Second Division, the coach pointed out that this weight "was on the first day."

"When we tied in Albacete (in the league debut, 1-1) it seemed like everything was bad and negative," recalled the coach of the blue and white team.

The locker room, added the coach, assumes "the pressure of being at the top, which requires you to always be at your best." However, Luis García asserted that everyone has "a very well-marked path and very clear ideas." "There will be difficult moments, but the team is mentally focused," he concluded.

On the other hand, the coach announced that Keidi Baré, Salvi and Roca will not be available for the match against Villarreal B due to injury. The Albanian midfielder will travel with his national team to be examined by his federation's doctors. Striker Keita Baldé will return to the squad. EFE



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