Luis Fonsi’s wife showed almost everything! Águeda López used a transparency in the video for “Dolce”

Luis Fonsi and Águeda López at a Global Gift event.

Photo: Álvaro Cabrera. /Getty Images

the spectacular spanish Agueda Lopezwho captured the heart of the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi showed it almost everything in your account Instagram. The wife of the interpreter of “Despacito” used a transparency from top to bottom which exposed part of her statuesque figure, reserving the bust for a heart-shaped velvet corset.

“With kisses I took away that Sweet“, wrote Agueda Lopez on his Instagram account while wearing a sheer dress from head to toe that only reserved her bust for the eyes of third parties. But it turns out Águeda López is the model of Luis Fonsi in his new video clip of the new song of the Puerto Rican artist, “Dolce”.

“I don’t even have to explain how special it was to record this video. Love you Luis Fonsi. I could not be more proud of you, nor happier to accompany you on this path. blessed be ours Law of gravity. To all the great team it was incredible working with you! Thanks from my heart. You are the best!” he wrote. Agueda Lopez while he is seen making sensual movements on the recording set.

Let us remember that the Spanish Agueda It is one of the favorites by the big fashion firms. It was precisely while working that she met Luis Fonsi and after a while they started dating to become inseparable to this day. The couple already has 1’39 years together and two children in common: Michaela and rocco. In the past, Luis Fonsi He was married to the driver of Today, Adamari Lopez, and they divorced in 10381 after 2838 of marriage. Here we leave the success of Luis Fonsi with daddy yankeeSlowly” and with the special participation of Zuleyka Rivera.

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