Luis Enrique called Costa Rica a South American country and

Luis Enrique called Costa Rica a South American country and had to go out and apologize

Luis Enrique has become one of the most charismatic coaches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup after announcing that he would broadcast on Twitch and has connected with thousands of Spanish fans before the World Cup, where the Europeans emerge as a great candidate to reach the title.

During one of his last broadcasts, Luis Enrique had to go out and apologize to Costa Rica, the Spanish’s first rival, after confusing them as a rival from South America and not from Central America where the Ticos qualified for the World Cup.

“Yesterday I made a mistake with the situation of Costa Rica, which I said is a South American team. Serious mistake on my part, clearly it is Central America And my mistake is unforgivable because a few years ago I was on vacation there”, he acknowledged in his second broadcast on Twitch.

“On the beach of Santa Teresa with my family we had a great time. The slogan ‘pura vida’ is tattooed on them. I really enjoyed the gastronomy, the weather, I surfed, ”he added.

Luis Enrique showed maximum respect to his first rival in the World Cup: “The people who have always known how football has always been in South and Central America They know how competitive they are. It will be complicated. Also, the first game always has an emotional component”.

Costa Rica will debut against Spain on Wednesday, November 23 in Group E, while Germany will do so against Japan in the other game.

Among Costa Rican fans, the memory of that wonderful adventure in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 still remains alive. where they were eliminated, despite not losing any game, when they fell in the penalty shootout against the Netherlands.

To the point that practically no one talks about what happened four years later when without victories and with only one draw they finished last in their group in the World Cup in Russia.

That was the prelude to what was to come, a difficult qualifying path towards Qatar that at times seemed very far away, with just six points from the first seven games of the CONCACAF octagonal final.

A Campbell goal in minute 3 in the intercontinental playoff against New Zealand sealed the ticket to the World, but not before suffering for 87 minutes the siege and bombardment against the goal of Navas.

The same formula that you will surely have to opt for to overcome a group with Spain, Germany and Japan.

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