Luis Díaz's father celebrated his son's two goals against Brazil with tears

Luis Díaz's father celebrated his son's two goals against Brazil
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Luis Manuel Diazfather of the striker Luis Diazrecently freed from a kidnapping, celebrated this Thursday with tears and rage the two goals scored by his son for the Colombia's 2-1 comeback against Brazil in the Metropolitan stadium Barranquilla.

The man, who was released on Thursday of last week after remain kidnapped for 12 days by the guerrilla Army of National Liberation (THE N), couldn't hold back the tears and celebrated with overwhelming emotion the scores of his son Luis Díaz, Liverpool forward.

The footballer's father, dressed in the Colombia yellow t-shirt and a rosary hanging from his chest, he jumped with excitement and was hugged by the people around him in the Colombian stadium.

Colombia began losing from 3 minutes the World Cup qualifying match with Brazil. Diaz, with two header scores at minutes 74 and 78, put Colombia ahead of the greenyellow.

The father of the Colombian striker told TV snail at the end of the match:

"Thank God Lucho was doing what he was doing to (score) the goals, they didn't want to get there but I had faith that they would get there because today there was a reason to score goals and to celebrate and beat Brazil so that it goes down in history."

🎥 “I had the faith and conviction that Luis was going to score because it was his obligation, out of gratitude to the Colombian people and above all to God” Luis Manuel Díaz, father of Luis Díaz.

Ram's father added:

I achieved my freedom thanks to my son and all the Colombian people who gave me support and my family so that I could leave this captivity. Thank you all really, with love.

He said that we must “move forward” supporting the athletes of his native department of La Guajira and concluded with “what a Long live freedom and? long live peace for Colombia!”

The man was handed over last Thursday to a humanitarian commission of the UN Mission in Colombia and Church catholic in the foothills of the Perijá mountain rangenear Barrancas, in the Caribbean department of La Guajira, where it was kidnapped on October 28.

Father and son reunited on Tuesday for the first time since man was freed, in the concentration of the Colombian national team in Barranquilla.

(With information from EFE)

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