Luis Advíncula misses Boca Juniors vs Tigre. Will he make it to the Peru vs Paraguay duel for the 2026 Qualifiers?

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Luis Advíncula is a doubt in Boca Juniors to face Tigre for the Argentine League Cup - Credit: Boca Juniors

Since Jorge Almiron assumed the technical direction of Boca Juniorsthe versatile Peruvian player Luis Advíncula It became one of its most important pieces. Although with other coaches who passed through the bench 'xeneize' He was already a starter, with the former Lanús he has been showing his best level since he arrived in the Argentine team in 2021, from Rayo Vallecano in Spain.

And except for an injury like the one he had in his knee in June 2023, which kept him off the playing field for more than a month and made him lose seven games, the 'Ray' usually appears in box alignments 'blue and gold'.

Proof of this is that since his return to the field, he has started the most important matches so far this season for Boca Juniors, the two key games being in the round of 16 of Libertadores Cup versus Uruguayan Nationalin addition to the round trip against Avellaneda Racing Club In rooms. Even before the 'dean' scored and assisted.

That is why in the last few hours the alarms went off in the 'Boca world', since the presence of 'Fought' Advíncula in the next two matches is almost ruled out for various reasons.

Luis Advíncula just started the second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals against Racing - Credit: Getty
Luis Advíncula just started the second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals against Racing - Credit: Getty

This Sunday, September 3, Boca Juniors will host Tigre at the Alberto J. Armando stadium, known worldwide as The Bombonerafrom 4:30 p.m. in Peru for the third date of the Argentine League Cup. In that sense, the technical command would have decided not to risk the right winger for the contest against the 'Bullfighter', since both he and some colleagues have muscle overload. This was reported by journalist Diego Monroig from ESPN.

“Thinking about the commitment with Tigre in La Bombonera, and I'm not saying that they are in trouble, but they ended up loaded 'Tiny' Rosemary, red frames, Luis Advíncula and Frank Fabra. I don't think he's going to risk these four players.just as it will not do with any from here to the key with Palmeiras (semi-finals of Copa Libertadores), which is with minimal physical demand. Obviously, it does not mean that none of the starters will play, but whoever is faced with an extreme situation, they will take care of and preserve,” said the communicator in Team F.

He even dared to sketch a possible eleven in which he would be replaced by his position colleague. Marcelo 'Cello' Weigandt.

Although his absence against Tigre has not yet been confirmed, what is certain is that Luis Advíncula will not be part of the Boca Juniors team that will seek to continue advancing in the Argentine Cup. In the round of 16 of the competition they were paired with Almagro of First National (second division) and the date and time for this commitment has already been confirmed. This clash will take place on Sunday, September 10 from 3:30 p.m. in Peru at the Carlos Augusto Mercado Luna stadium.

This is because the sporting event will take place in the middle of the FIFA date of selections that begins on Monday, September 4 and ends on Tuesday, the 12th of the same month. In that sense, Juan Reynoso presented the list of 27 players summoned to the 'white-red' for the first double day of the Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup against Paraguay and Brazil, in which Advíncula Castrillón appears. In this way, he is prohibited from performing with his club between the dates already indicated.

List of those called up for the Peruvian team for the 2026 Qualifiers
List of those called up for the Peruvian team for the 2026 Qualifiers

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