Ludwika Paleta captivates from the beach showing off her natural figure in a bikini: “I hesitated to upload these photos”

Ludwika Palette She prefers to show her natural figure, that is, without the filters that can completely transform the real appearance of people, so with a series of sensual photographs she made it clear that at 43 she maintains a perfect figure that she does not need. the help of technology.

It was through her official Instagram account, where the Polish actress who currently lives in Mexico published a couple of photographs in which, as rarely, appeared showing off a great body in a tiny black bikini, but he took the opportunity to send a strong message to those who abuse filters in social media posts.

"Good Morning. I have to confess that I hesitated to upload these photos. I did not want to retouch them and we are unaccustomed, or at least me, to see the bodies without 'fixing', he wrote in his message.

Sure of her beauty and the traces that the years have left her, the television star said she is proud of how she looks thanks to a healthy life.

That's how my body is, yes I take care of myself, yes I eat well and although there are still traces of all the pastas and pizzas that I ate on my vacation there are also the traces of my pregnancies, the exercise and the care that I give“, he detailed.

The publication that ended with the invitation to his fans to live "without so many filters", ended up causing a stir, because in a few hours he managed to accumulate about 200 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

In addition to other celebrities such as Verónica del Castillo, Ana Serradilla, Erika de la Rosa and Flavio Medina, her sister Dominica Palette confirmed that she doesn't need any filters to look as beautiful as she did this weekend.

Come on, you look spectacular, you don't need a half retouch or filterDominica sentenced in the comments section.

Also in another video Ludwika showed off the new hair tone in which she said goodbye to her characteristic blonde hairall this while taking a walk on the beach in which she again exposed her legs and natural beauty, as she also allowed her beautiful face to be appreciated without a drop of makeup.

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