Lucía de la Cruz reprimands Samahara Lobatón for refusing to help in the kitchen: “You wash here, mommy”

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Lucía de la Cruz puts Samahara Lobatón in her place | ATV La Casa de Magaly

Samahara Lobatónthe daughter of Melissa Klug and Abel Lobaton, has been harshly criticized on social networks after an audio was broadcast in which she makes racist expressions against people from indigenous and Afro-Peruvian groups. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture will report it to the Public ministry for the corresponding actions.

In the midst of the outrage that it unleashed on social networks, the program 'Magaly TV La Firme'disseminated chapter 32 of 'Magaly's House', where the influencer is a participant. An excerpt from the video went viral due to the way in which the singer Lucía de la Cruz, a guest on the reality show, calls the attention of Melissa Klug's daughter.

It all started when the Creole singer requested the support of three people to help her cook. “I need to Alfredo (Benavides)to a certain Gabriela (Serpa) and Carlos Cacho,” exclaimed the 70-year-old artist.

Lucía de la Cruz orders Samahara Lobatón to help cook at 'La Casa de Magaly'. | atv
Lucía de la Cruz orders Samahara Lobatón to help cook at 'La Casa de Magaly'. | atv

Lucia de la Cruz He took the opportunity to give advice to his assistants regarding their love problems. It was there that Samahara Lobatón She entered the kitchen, so the Creole decided that the 21-year-old girl should also help prepare lunch.

“Were you waiting for me?” she asked naively. The singer immediately gave him some orders: “So, we start dressing. What you have to do right now is wash potatoes and sweet potatoesbecause this has to be in the pot, clean.”

However, Abel Lobatón's daughter She was not willing to put on the apron, so she responded indignantly: “Beautiful mother, your assistants are the three of them (Alfredo, Gabriela and Carlos). "I'm going to make rice for you, nothing more." Given Samahara's response, Lucia de la Cruz He put it in its place.

Samahara Lobatón responds to Lucía de La Cruz, refusing to cook | 'The House of Magaly'.
Samahara Lobatón responds to Lucía de La Cruz, refusing to cook | 'The House of Magaly'.

"A while. You're not going to tell me who the... is going to be my assistant. I have chosen you. You, Alfredo, she, him. “You wash here, mommy,” she rebuked him forcefully.

The influencer remained silent and had no choice but to listen to the artist. “You are the one who cooks the most here,” he shouted. Carlos Cacho.

At another point in the conversation, the interpreter 'I lost my heart' advised Gabriela Serpa, who has a romantic relationship with a 23-year-old young man. “Enjoy it, you're young. Enjoy it because tomorrow or the day after you will say: Why didn't I pay attention to Lucía?, she added. “You are my sensei. On the networks they call me “Lucia de la Cruz”, you don't know how they call me on social networks... Let the children come to me,” responded the comic actress, a member of 'JB en ATV'.

Lucía de la Cruz calls Samahara Lobatón's attention in 'La Casa de Magaly' | atv
Lucía de la Cruz calls Samahara Lobatón's attention in 'La Casa de Magaly' | atv

The influencer is involved in a new controversy with the father of her daughter, Jonathan Horna Feijobetter known as Youna. He released the content of a phone call he had with his ex-partner in order to unmask her. The evidence was delivered to 'Love and Fire' from Willax TV.

“Does (my daughter) look like you?” he says. Youna, to which Samahara responds obfuscated: “My chola daughter doesn't have a single hair. Obviously to my family, because your family is black, cholos, impossible. It is impossible for her to have attached herself to your family, of blacks and cholos.”

The Ministry of Culture considered that these expressions constitute a act of discrimination "and “They reflect contempt towards people because of their physical characteristics (skin color) or their ethnic identity.” “The Ministry of Culture, as the governing body in interculturality and in the task of promoting the appreciation of cultural diversity, will report this fact to the Public Ministry for the corresponding actions,” it reads later.

Ministry of Culture comments on comments by Samahara Lobatón. (Culture Ministry)
Ministry of Culture comments on comments by Samahara Lobatón. (Culture Ministry)

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