Lourdes Gurriel Jr. inherits the streak

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When the Marlins, the team where Yuli Gurriel played this year, were eliminated at the hands of Philadelphia in the wild card round, it seemed like the end of the Gurriel's streak of reaching at least the Championship Series. But it was not like that.

Lourdes Junior, the younger brother, and an outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, is part of the surprising team that reached this position for the third time in its history. His brother Yuli was in the same instance with the Houston Astros between 2017 and 2022, with two rings. World Series including.

Lourdes Gurrielfather of the two Cuban baseball players and a legend in baseball on the Island, spoke to Excelsior.

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-7 years in a row with his children reaching at least the prelude to the World Series.

Look, who would have thought, that now Yuli He couldn't get there, he didn't stay far, he qualified playoffs, but his little brother is the one who now arrives where he was. We are very proud of them, it shows the work and all the sacrifice they have had to make to be here.

*Lourdes Gurriel Sr.

-Interestingly, before this season the two debuted a team. How difficult was it for them?

I think it's normal, arriving in a new city, new teammates, but in the end they understand that sport is a business, and although now you have your friends, your family here, tomorrow everything can change. If you want to dedicate yourself to baseball you always have to be very clear about that.

-Seven years after the two of you exiled together from Cuba, do you think it has been worth it?

But of course! go figure Yuli has played playoffs Every year since she has been here, Lourdes has started her career and has already had a good season in a team that is going very far.

The path was not easy, perhaps if you say it like that, it would seem that everything was going out of Cuba and become a star, but no, there is a lot of sacrifice and a long adaptation process, but fortunately for them, baseball is their life, and that is why they have moved forward.

-When you see them, don't you think that you could also play here in the United States?

Maybe yes, but really my satisfaction is that I instilled in them this love of the game and today they are making the most of what perhaps I didn't make the most of at the time.

-Have you never thought about leaving Cuba to play in the Major Leagues?

Yes I thought about it, but back then things were different, it was not so easy to leave the country, and if you went out many times your family did not have a good time, it was a very difficult decision. Plus there was always the doubt, I knew I was good, but I was good at Cuba, I didn't know if my talent would reach me for the Major Leagues.

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