Louisiana Officer Electrocutes Naked Man for Defecating at Convenience Store


Joel Shane Pennington is in custody charged with six felonies.

Photo: West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy

The West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, arrested a man who walked into a store at a gas station, completely naked to attack the cashier, customers and then defecate on the spot. When he resisted, they had to electrocute him to handcuff him and charge him with several serious charges.

The subject who was identified as Joel Shane Pennington, 51 and originally from Gonzales, is accused of many crimes, including the one with obscenity. It was around noon on June 12 when the sheriff’s office received an emergency call regarding a man who was causing serious trouble.

The report of the denunciation of the case, reveals that Joel Shane got out of a truck completely naked, that’s how witnesses described him, and he went to the Tiger Traxx Exxon convenience store located at a gas station, WLOX news reported.

The man went against the cashier to attack him and also on a client, the other people made the 911 call and were scared of the defendant’s actions. The man began to defecate in front of all self-service buyers.

When the police arrived at the scene, they demanded that Pennington leave peacefully, but he yelled at them: “I’m going to do it!” According to the police report, they demanded the man stay put, but the defendant tried to attack the officers, so one of them pulled the taser gun to give him an electric shock to the chest and another to the groin.

In a video of a witness it can be seen that Pennington He is lying on the ground while the agents put the handcuffs on him to get him into the patrol car and take him to the police station. Despite being electrocuted, he tried to escape, so the agent gave him one more shot with the Taser, the same newscast shared.

β€œThe videos have been viewed by our department heads. We believe that our deputies acted appropriately and within the policies of the WBRSO,” said West Baton Rouge Commander Sheriff Zack Simmers.

Joel Shane Pennington is accused of a count of obscenity, three counts of resisting an officer, one count of disorderly conduct and simple assault, one count violent and boisterous disturbing the peace, one count drunken disturbing the peace, two counts simple criminal damage to property.

After an investigation the authorities they say the man was drugged that’s why he acted that way. The defendant is in custody at the Beaton Rouge jail where he will await sentencing on the six counts against him. So far no bail has been set.

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