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Many of us have heard: “Don't throw good money after bad.”

Some people probably misunderstand whether good money exists is possible, because... all money should (should) be good, right?

In order not to go into a byzantine discussion, we are simply referring to the teams that spent a million dollars and did not reach the wild card round.

They are two teams from the National League and one from the American League, to make matters worse, the two that are from the same city literally had it rained on them recently and not exactly tears from the fans... well, there were some too.

Not every year do you see the New York Yankees not making it to the playoffs, not even in this very generous current edition with a wild card round which ends up granting you —de facto— six tickets to the postseason.

Why is it important that there are more tickets to the October party? Being strict, it is to dilute a little the harshness of the customs where teams qualified - less and later a little less - for playoffs where any winning team can win. Wow, we saw examples and that made more than one dominant manager tremble, one of those “only in the regular season” kind.

Having this sextet of accesses is giving us the opportunity to see two very good series in the League, even with the first two matches of the American League resolved.

But let's not get away from the core: The New York Mets spent 343 million dollars, the Yankees spent 279 and a fraction of the same and we were missing the collapse of the San Diego Padres who made the "little joke" of pocketing 253 melons green for good things.

Truly, the Mets and Padres cases — both from the National — are like a manual on what not to do, a case for the spider, an episode of the Twilight Zone or a concert piece with out-of-tune violins. : execution failures, errors, massive injuries, suspensions, arguments and “a little” anger on the part of their faithful fans.

Everyone licked their mustaches to think about the possibility of both serious contenders could get into a fight where one of those two and the Atlanta Braves along with the Los Angeles Dodgers would survive, well, that was not the case; What's more, a well-coached team like the Milwaukee Brewers was able to advance further.

As if to leave you thinking: now that the NFL had an alternate transmission in “simulcast” mode the previous Sunday with the theme of the animated children's saga toy story, it is worth wondering if we will ever have an official simulation for Major League games generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Might bookmakers like the idea?

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