López Obrador will send a bill to maintain VAT and ISR collection at 50%

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Before the end of the current six-year term, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will send a bill to the Congress of the Union to maintain the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax (ISR). fifty percent.

The president announced the measure this Sunday when attending the second government report by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California.

López Obrador also announced that care will be taken to ensure that the price of fuel does not increase in real terms.

"Before the end of the presidential term, I will send a bill to Congress to maintain the reduction of VAT and Income Tax to 50 percent on both the northern and southern borders and all support for the border will be maintained. regarding fuel prices. That is, there will be no increases in real terms," ​​the president highlighted.

At the end of Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila's report, López Obrador described 10 commitments to fulfill for the benefit of the population in said entity before the end of her administration and clarified that she was present in the government report "because of the great love that has the people of Baja California and the sympathy that exists towards their governor.

"There are three governors present, from Puebla, Nayarit and Tamaulipas and they and others know that I am not in the habit of accompanying them in their reports, this is an exception, I do it out of the sincere love that I have for the people of Baja California and for the sympathy I have with the governor of this great state, Marina del Pilar," explained López Obrador.

The increase in the minimum wage to start 2024 was also part of the commitments announced by López Obrador at this event.

"When my government began, the minimum wage in Baja California was 88 pesos, today it is 312 pesos, 180 percent more and by January 1st it will be close to 400 pesos a day. I still have to agree on it with the business sector and with the labor sector, but I think we are not going to have any problems" he indicated in his message.

In terms of security, the president reported that in Baja California they will have 13 national guard barracks and 9,683 national guards, soldiers and sailors to be in charge of guaranteeing peace and tranquility for the entire population.

In addition, he assured that the problem of water supply in the municipalities of Rosarito and Tijuana will be resolved and the sewage treatment plant will be operational in a short time.

López Obrador promised to return once again to the state to reopen the remodeling of all customs in Baja California, the inauguration of the Tijuana viaduct and the Otay 2 Port of Entry.

In the case of the branches of the welfare bank, it was reported that 25 branches already operate and only one more is missing in the municipality of San Felipe.

After listing the commitments, the president recognized the armed forces for their work in the administration's main works and their support for Mexicans in difficult times.

In the case of the people of Baja California, the president said that they are a people with a vocation for democracy and congratulated them for having chosen Marina del Pilar as their governor as she is a hard-working, intelligent, honest, hard-working woman, who He also managed to reduce poverty in recent months.

"It is the best thing that has happened to this beautiful and extraordinary state of Baja California, I say it sincerely, it comes from my heart, it is an exemplary people, good, hardworking, fighting, loving, fraternal. Long live Baja California! Long live Mexico! Long live Mexico! expressed the federal president at the conclusion of his participation in this Sunday's event.

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