López Obrador says he feels good after Covid-19 diagnosis | News


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time in a year, sent a message from his office and announced that the symptoms he has presented in his second infection with the virus have been mild.


Pdte. Mexican tests positive for Covid-19 for the second time

According to López Obrador, Ómicron, “fortunately it is a variant that does not have the level, the degree of danger, that the Delta variant and I am experiencing,” declared the president before taking his temperature.

This January 10, the president of Mexico tested positive for the virus for the second time and, according to Health authorities, the variant of his disease corresponds to Ómicron, which is already the predominant one in that North American country.

According to the president, he has not presented a fever or low oxygenation and his discomfort, he said, corresponds to that of a common cold.

In this context, he has ruled out the possibility of being hospitalized due to the disease, while indicating that he will wear a mask when he is in the company of other people.

Lóoez Obrador concluded in this regard: “We must move forward and we have as protection the creator, science and, in addition, the will to live to achieve the transformation of Mexico.”

López Obrador announced on Monday that he had tested positive for the second time for Covid-19, so he is isolated and will communicate virtually until he recovers from the disease. Hours before, already hoarse, he had been convinced that he had the flu.

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