López Obrador reiterates the call for a popular march in Mexico | News

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, once again summoned citizens to the popular march this Friday that he will lead on Sunday, November 27, when he will commemorate his fourth year as head of the Executive and present his annual management report.


Mexican president calls for a march on November 27

During his daily meeting with the media, from the National Palace, the head of state expressed that the march will have the purpose of "celebrating the advances of the Fourth Transformation", whose foundations are already laid, he valued.

He stressed that the people have been the center and the end of the transformative actions of his Government. He cataloged it as the main protagonist. "What we have achieved has been due to the participation and support of the people," he stressed.

He added that there are about 21 months left in the mandate, for which "many more things are going to be done, because the foundations of the transformation are already laid."

He provided details of his agenda for the coming days, which includes this Friday his visit to the state of Michoacán (west) and then to Mexico, when he will inaugurate facilities of the Benito Juárez García University for Well-being.

On Sunday, November 20, their participation in the commemorative parade for the 112th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution is expected, which will take place prior to the opening of Qatar 2022.

The president will receive the Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, on Wednesday the 23rd, while on the 24th and 25th he will participate in the Summit of the Pacific Alliance, a forum made up of Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The presidents of Argentina and Honduras, Alberto Fernández and Xiomara Castro, respectively, are invited to this meeting. According to the press, it has not yet been confirmed whether the president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, will attend.

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