López Obrador punishes autonomous bodies

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Francisco Garfias.

President López Obrador's hate speech against the Judiciary and the autonomous bodies that do not submit to his will is about to materialize.

This afternoon—another “Black Friday”—the Budget Commission is convened to approve the 2024 Federation Expenditure Budget. The presidential punishment to the aforementioned bodies includes cuts of 13,262 million pesos, which fall mainly on the rebels

They take six thousand 465 million pesos from the Judiciary; to the INE, five billion pesos; to the Electoral Court, 767 million; to Inai, 71 million; to the Legislative Branch, 937 million; to Cofece, 86 million and to the Superior Audit of the Federation, more than 80 million. The Executive Branch and its priority works do not move a cent.

“The President's personalized revenge is materialized against all the autonomous bodies that have not submitted to him,” PAN deputy Héctor Saúl Sánchez, secretary of the Budget Commission, tells us.

And he adds: “The preliminary draft budget seems aggressive and irresponsible to me. It is a strategy to suffocate the budget of any organization that represents a counterweight to the President.”

* If it is already a contradiction that they cut the resources of a Power that has the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Constitution and laws in general, it is unacceptable that they financially suffocate the INE and the TEPJF at the gates of the mother of all elections in Mexico.

The Presidency of the Republic, the two Chambers of Congress, local congresses, city councils, municipal boards and mayors' offices are renewed.

In total more than 19 thousand positions will be elected; In particular, it stands out that in nine entities there are gubernatorial elections: Chiapas, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Morelos, Puebla, Tabasco, Veracruz and Yucatán.

The presiding magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón, is not exaggerating when he says that the cut to the TEPJF budget “generates risks for democracy.”

Reyes explained that the cut of six thousand 465 million pesos is equivalent to the amount that was projected for the hiring of personnel in the Regional Chambers, in the Superior Chamber, in the general secretariats of agreements and the jurisdictional teams of each of the magistrates. .

He called on the members of the Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies to review, reflect and assess the significance of a proposal that affects institutional capacities compared to the relevance of the number of positions and the complexity of this electoral process.

* Marcelo Ebrard's team tells us that "definition days" are coming. Officially there is no clarity about the permanence or departure of the former chancellor of Morena.

Next week, the phase of allegations and evidence that make up Marcelo's challenge to the internal process that put Claudia Sheinbaum in the prelude to the presidential candidacy of the guinda party will have to be vented in the National Commission of Honesty and Justice of Morena. “The minimum that Marcelo expects is that there is recognition and some type of sanction against the irregularities committed in the process, particularly due to the intervention of governors, officials and people from the party,” they tell us.

He also wants his weight to be weighed in the issue of candidates. Morena credits Ebrard with 26 percent. “The PVEM and the PT, with single-digit votes, have large benches in Congress (in the case of the PVEM, even governors), so Marcelo's group would have to be recognized,” the sources conclude.

* Eduardo Verástegui, aspiring independent presidential candidate, associated with the extreme right, wants to fully get involved in the early electoral campaign of the Morenista Claudia Sheinbaum and the Frontist Xóchitl Gálvez.

The actor, turned politician, denounced both before the Electoral Litigation Technical Unit of the INE, for taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis in Acapulco to carry out “electoral and perverse” actions.

It says that Sheinbaum uses a systematic strategy to illegally position itself in the media and social networks “using alleged donations and replicating the work carried out by the Armed Forces and the government of Mexico.”

Senator Gálvez says that she seeks direct benefit in the electoral process through her calls to make donations to her “Xochitlovers” association.


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