López Obrador minimizes the PJF's march; 'Not many workers participated, they believed us'

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After the march called against the extinction of 13 trusts of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (PJF), the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke about it and said that The attendance was not much from the workersbecause he assured "they believed us, it will not affect them in any way."

Fortunately, many did not participate in the demonstration. They believed us, especially the workers, that they will not be affected in any way. Which is to the leadership, to those above,” explained the head of the Executive.

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The president stated the above in the framework of his conference morningin which he also made reference to the fact that among those attending said march they had to carry away the politicians of the conservative bloc due to the lack of participation of the workers of the justice body.

The majority of the workers of the Court and the Judiciary sympathize with us. That's why they didn't go to the march, because they trust us. There they had to take the politicians from the conservative bloc,” the president stressed.

In addition to the above, the politician originally from Tabasco clarified that No demonstration fails, because what is important is the message and the causeHowever, he made it clear that on this occasion the conservative bloc no longer has much of a social base, because people realize that what they are fighting for is not for everyone but for a few.

I saw the PRIAN leaders accompanying the march, the usual ones. It was a demonstration of the conservative bloc, already very diminished because once they even filled the Zócalo, just once, but they no longer have much of a social base, much citizen support. Because people realize it,” he commented.

López Obrador justified security fence in the National Palace

Approximately eight thousand people attended the march. (darkroom)

Regarding the fence that protected the headquarters of the federal government due to yesterday's march, the president of Mexico explained that it was due to the fact that within the demonstrations "very angry people come," but also He stressed that his administration did not resort to acts of repression against the rally.

Some people come there very angry, then they even put on a hood. They throw Molotov cocktails and bring clubs and blowtorches. We must protect the Palace from a provocation, there are many provocateurs,” said the president.

Finally, he insisted that “nothing happened and they will continue to have absolute freedom to demonstrate.” Giving as an example that just yesterday in Mexico City around five marches took place, including that of the Judiciary, and “they all expressed themselves with absolute freedom, "We live in a free country."

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