López Obrador accuses the Supreme Court of defending a corrupt minority | News

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, accused this Friday the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) of defending what he called a "corrupt minority".


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The president thus referred to the decision of the Court, which on Thursday invalidated the electoral reform of López Obrador, known as "plan B".

Commenting on that decision, the president said that he "interprets this, more than anything, as a political attitude of protection, of defense of the interests of a rapacious and corrupt minority, which was the one that dominated in Mexico."

The decision of the SCJN was made with nine votes in favor and two against and annulled the second and last part of the initiative promoted by the Mexican president, considering that there were violations of the legislative process in Congress, dominated by López Obrador's party. and its allies, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena).

López Obrador said that he respects the ruling, but accused the Court of invading the powers of other powers: "We are respectful of the division and balance between powers, something that they are not complying with, they are in an attitude of meddling in the powers of the Legislative Power, what they did yesterday was to correct the plan of another power”, he explained.

The Supreme Court had already thrown out the first part of "plan B" in May because, in its opinion, the majority in Congress violated the legislative process during its approval last February.

That contested part of the electoral reform redefined the concept of propaganda so that officials could pronounce themselves during campaigns and elections, something prohibited by the electoral ban.

Already last May, López Obrador announced that in September 2024 he will present a reform to the Judiciary so that ministers, magistrates and judges are elected through popular vote.

At that time, the president explained that the Judiciary is completely atrophied and, therefore, he will promote this reform that throughout the six-year term he had refused to send for reasons of time and arguing that it was the responsibility of the members of the highest court.

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