Long Beach announces guaranteed basic income program for low-income families

The monthly support for low-income families will be $500 dollars for one year.

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Registrations for a pilot program of Guaranteed Basic Income which will provide $500 per month for one year to single-parent families in the city of Long Beach in southern California they began on Friday, reported Mayor Robert Garcia, who is serving his last days in office after being elected to the United States Congress.

The pilot program will initially favor 250 families of single mothers or fathers with children living at or below the poverty line.

This is the first phase of the program that García proposed and that was unanimously approved by the Council of the port city of Los Angeles County, which has more than 450,000 inhabitants, 43.2% of them Latino.

At the launch of the program, Garcia, of Peruvian origin, said that "this is an incredible opportunity to invest in our community and obtain critical assistance for some of those most in need."

The nonprofit Fund for a Guaranteed Income (F4GI) has partnered with Long Beach to administer the program.

In addition to the $500 monthly stipend, which families will not have to pay back, eligible individuals will have access to financial counseling.

The pilot program will target families living in the 90813 zip code, where residents have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic compared to other city dwellers, and also have high rates of poverty.

About 88% of residents in that ZIP code are renters, and just under half have income below the poverty level. Latinos make up 65% of the area's population.

With this pilot program, Long Beach joins other cities and counties in California, such as Los Angeles, that have implemented this guaranteed basic income to help fight poverty.

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