Lola Latorre suffered a car accident when she was on her way to the recording of Bailando 2023

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The word of Yanina Latorre after the accident of her daughter Lola (Intruders. America)

Lola Latorre He was involved in a car accident on Wednesday at noon. The influencer was heading to the studios where Bailando 2023 is recorded, located in the Buenos Aires town of Martínez, when her vehicle was hit by a motorcyclist.

The news was announced by Pablo Layus in intruders, when communicating the messages he received from Yanina. “She suffered a blow to her knee, she was very scared, with a nervous breakdown,” said the América journalist, adding that Diego, the young woman's father, immediately went to the scene of the road accident.

Lola Latorre had an accident when she was traveling to the Bailando 2023 studios (Intrusos. América)

“I just asked, the man who was driving the motorcycle is also at the scene. I don't know what condition he was in,” Layus continued, referring to the risk of riding a motorcycle at high speed and taking into account the drizzle that fell throughout the morning in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

Later in the program, Yanina sent an audio telling the situation and bringing some peace of mind after the bad drink: “I'm talking to everyone about the repair and towing of the car,” she stated, and then she told how her daughter was doing. : “She is very nervous, I don't know if she is having a panic attack because she cries and cries. She is afraid, I told her to stay calm, to come and sleep because she is very tired. She works and studies a lot and she had a nervous breakdown. I told her to come sleep and I'm going to talk to Marcelo so he can move her in for next week. “She is very distressed”said the panelist. In addition, they reported that Lola was accompanied by her father to the police station to make the corresponding report before returning to her home.

Yanina and Diego Latorre in Lola's debut (Prensa América)

Lola returned to the television show after four years and neither her family nor her boyfriend wanted to miss the premiere to encourage her and accompany her in this new professional beginning. Yanina, Diego, her grandmother Dora and her boyfriend Philip Ossana They were present in the studio and made themselves felt.

To dazzle the jury, the influencer and her team made a mashup to the beat of Britney Spears and even during the choreography a change of look was encouraged. First she wore a black suit and in the end she dazzled with a red look. And she achieved her goal, obtaining good grades in a first round in which they did not overwhelm. Ángel de Brito gave it a 7. Moria Casán an 8 and Marcelo Polino concluded with a 4.

Lola Latorre in her debut at Bailando 2023 (Prensa América)
Lola Latorre in her debut at Bailando 2023 (Prensa América)

In the preview, Marcelo joked with Lola's parents, with whom he has a long-standing friendship. First, the commentator complained because production was postponing the release date of his daughter. And minutes later, he made a surprising claim on air to his daughter, which generated laughter from everyone present in the studio. “My dad is a little jealous because I'm never home, I sleep a lot at my boyfriend's house,” stated the influencer to which the former soccer player commented: “I never see Lola. Every once in a while, she might stop at home.”

“One day I'm going to go look for her. She comes once a week, if she comes at all. She has to come home! At least 3 or 4 nights, she has to sleep at home”, Latorre concluded indignantly while Marcelo laughed at his statements. “You have to give it wings,” the driver proposed, to the laughter of Lola and Yanina and the grimace of Diego.

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