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In the preamble to the general elections next October, two Argentine provinces go to the polls this Sunday: Formosa and Córdoba, on an electoral day that already began calmly, according to reports from local authorities.


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In Córdoba they go to the polls to elect their provincial representatives, while the positions of governor and vice are also voted on, as well as those of provincial legislators and members of the Provincial Court of Accounts. Voting is compulsory for those over 18 and under 70 years of age.

11 formulas are presented to governor and lieutenant governor and 3,062,422 voters who appear on the electoral roll are authorized to vote, according to local authorities.

After a low-intensity campaign, with its own characteristics, too many intertwinings and without great promises of real change, the 3 million Cordovans, 8.69 percent of the national electoral roll, elect the successor to Juan Schiaretti, a history of that region.

Meanwhile, in Formosa the positions of governor and vice, provincial legislators, mayors and councilors are also voted on, with similar requirements regarding the compulsory nature of the vote.

However, in Formosa there are no primaries in the parties and coalitions, but the so-called Ley de Lemas governs, by which the party inmates are defined simultaneously with the general election for provincial offices.

In the provincial general elections of Formosa, 4 formulas are presented for governor and lieutenant governor: for the Front for Victory, van Gildo Insfrán and Eber Solís; for the Frente Amplio Formoseño, Fernando Carbajal and María Fernanda Insfrán presented themselves; The candidates for Libertad Trabajo y Progreso are Francisco Paoltroni and Noemí Argañaraz and for the Partido Obrero, van Fabián Servín and Rafael Martínez.

In this case, Gildo Insfrán has the path paved to achieve his seventh re-election and his eighth consecutive term. The only thing left to know is the difference that, this time, he will be able to get the second, according to local media.

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